Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 9

I'm back at work, my final night on for the week. Jim is on his way home! He flew into the capital city of his destination tonight and, after a five hour layover, will be on his final flight back to the States! He's hoping the flight will arrive home earlier than originally expected.

Please pray for continued safety for the rest of the trip. He told me today that his stomach has been giving him problems for the past day or so now. Pray that he will stay healthy for the rest of the trip as well. I imagine stomach discomfort will not feel any better on an 11-hour flight in those tiny seats!

Jim's original schedule puts him back home in the Tri-Cities late tomorrow night. We are both hoping it will be a little earlier, but knowing international flights and customs, I'm not holding my breath. Nevertheless, he will be home soon!

Cries had: 3.0
Days to go: 2

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