Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 2

I can't believe what our weather is doing here. This time yesterday it was 20 degrees outside with snow and ice everywhere, and now it is almost 60 degrees with severe winds that have succeeded in blowing away all the snow, ice, and many of the neighboring building's roofs. I even managed to get two tumbleweeds stuck in my car on the way home tonight. This is the Tri-Cities we know and love!

I spent my second day without Jim hard at work at the hospital. Later, I enjoyed a delicious dinner and the wonderful company of my parents and sister at their house.

I am happy to report that Jim has made it safely to his destination! Praise God! He sent me an email this morning containing this message:

"The plane ride was brutal for the first couple hours. Terrible turbulence that didn't stop for almost 2 hours. Several people got sick. Anyhow, after that it was pretty much smooth flying, but the whole 12 hours in an airplane is absolutely brutal on my extra-large body. The seats were no bigger, if not smaller, than the seats we had on our way back from Tampa. Like I said, brutal!

However, I did survive the plane ride, and now I have to survive the '100% perfect hotel' (that's actually the name of it) through the night. Should be exciting! :)

So far everything is good. I am absolutely exhausted, as I resolved not to sleep (as did everyone else) on the plane ride. We're hoping to shock our systems into the current time, but we'll see how that works out."

Jim also let me know that his phone has not worked since he arrived, so the best way to contact him would be to send him an email to his personal account. He will be checking that account whenever he gets access to a computer.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support! I will keep adding updates as I get them.

Cries had: 1.5
Days to go: 9

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that one guy said...

Don't tell Jim, but the flight home is about twice as worse as the flight there. :-(

We're praying for both you guys!