Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tales of my upcoming weekend...

What an exciting weekend I have coming up!

-Sleep in... very exciting
-Get my hair done... only the best feeling every!
-Attend my Convocation, where I will be honored for the past four years of life-sucking work I have done to accomplish my BS in nursing.

-Sleep in... for the second day in a row (that never happens!)
-Get coffee with two of my favorite girls!
-Get an HOUR-LONG massage with one of my best friends!
-Put on my pretty new dress, cap and gown and GRADUATE!
-Celebrate over lobster dinner at Anthony's with my family

-Sleep in... for the third day in a row (did I die and go to heaven?)
-Help Jason and Sarah move into their new house
-Spend the night with Jason and Sarah with takeout, HIMYM, The Office, and Super MarioKart where I will spend the night conquering Baby Peach (much to the delight of my husband)

-Go to church
-Take my mother and mother-in-law out to lunch for Mother's Day
-Take an afternoon nap (I must have died and gone to heaven!)
-Spend the night holding snugly babies at work

Can anyone imagine a more perfect weekend? I can't!