Thursday, September 24, 2009


DOXA... an evening of worship and praise!

This Saturday, September 26, 6:30 PM at First Baptist Church of Richland.

Please come join us for what I feel is a little taste of what heaven will be like: singing praises to our King!

(And yes, Jordan, "Sing to the King" made the set!)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Updates... finally!

It's mid-September here in the Tri-Cities which means we are firmly on our way to fall. This is my favorite time of year. I love everything about fall: the crisp fall air, pot roast, the cooler temperatures, pie, the fabulous clothes, apples, back-to-school, Thanksgiving, football, sweaters... I could go on and on!

Fall also signifies the end of summer, which means Jim and I are getting back to a more normal routine. Jim has started practices for this year's Christmas program, which is tentatively set for the first weekend in December. He also already has most of the year's youth events planned, and is working through "Systematic Theology" with the youth group. We've both been pleased to see our youth grow closer to God and desire to know Him more these days. What an awesome group of youth we get to serve!

Jim and I have started the search for our next home. We've been actively looking with a realtor for some time now, and have pretty much made up our minds as to the type of house and location we want. We're still going back and forth between buying a resale versus building new construction, but we hope to make our final decision before next spring. It's been a wonderful blessing to be able to live with Jim's parents as we paid off our debt and built our savings, but we are looking forward to having our own home again.

We are in week 2 of the 2009-2010 Fantasy Football season. My team, the "Winning Wives", is returning as the defending champions while Jim is hoping to make a comeback after finishing second-to-last last year. Fantasy Football season is a wonderful time for Jim and I, as we spend hours watching football and reading up on commentaries. We also get to playfully "trash talk" our fellow friends in the league and enjoy watching games with them. Jim and I love football season!

Speaking of sports, my sister Teea is starting out her senior year of Varsity Soccer with a bang! In her game last Saturday versus Kamiakin High School, she scored 2 of the 4 goals and assisted on 1. Jim and I are looking forward to watching Teea finish out an awesome senior season and graduate next spring.

Mainly, Jim and I are enjoying a lot of quality time together after our long summer. We've been growing closer and enjoying each other more. I am so blessed to be married to such an amazing man! We are very much looking forward to celebrating three wonderful years together this December.

I hope that suffices for enough updating for now. This season has started out with much joy in our household, as we are amazed at how awesome our God is and the many blessings He has bestowed on us. We are so undeserving of His mercy!

I'll leave you with a picture of Jim's new 'do. He's growing his hair out... I have to admit it doesn't look that bad now, but there is a bet going on around church that he won't cut it until February. I believe the pool is up to $55. Now I just need to figure out how to get in on that action!