Friday, March 25, 2011

9-month check-up!

Weight: 22.2 lbs (92%)

Height: 28.2 inches (68%)

In summary, we are getting shorter and fatter.

Maybe that's why the majority of my pictures lately feature Halle eating. Have I mentioned she is refusing baby food now? And being fed with a spoon? Yes, we are officially graduated to table foods!

Oh look - I found one picture where she isn't eating...


Monday, March 14, 2011

Look who's 9 months old today!

Halle is nine months old today. Where has time gone? Only three more months and our little baby will be a year old!

What has Halle been up to? She became a full-fledged crawler last month (exactly a week after she turned eight months) and is pulling herself to standing and "cruising" along the furniture. In the past week she has even started to "free-stand" by herself. Halle is also babbling like crazy and we are certain her first words will be here soon.

Halle also was sick for the first time. She's been hit with two colds in a two week period (with Mommy sick in between). Needless to say, our house has become a giant pit of humidifiers and used Kleenex.

Even with being so sick, Halle still is eating well. She's learned how to drink from a sippy cup and has three teeth now (two lowers and one random upper). Halle has also moved up to 18-month-size clothes and now has a new car seat. Our little girl is growing so fast!