Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tales of my upcoming weekend...

What an exciting weekend I have coming up!

-Sleep in... very exciting
-Get my hair done... only the best feeling every!
-Attend my Convocation, where I will be honored for the past four years of life-sucking work I have done to accomplish my BS in nursing.

-Sleep in... for the second day in a row (that never happens!)
-Get coffee with two of my favorite girls!
-Get an HOUR-LONG massage with one of my best friends!
-Put on my pretty new dress, cap and gown and GRADUATE!
-Celebrate over lobster dinner at Anthony's with my family

-Sleep in... for the third day in a row (did I die and go to heaven?)
-Help Jason and Sarah move into their new house
-Spend the night with Jason and Sarah with takeout, HIMYM, The Office, and Super MarioKart where I will spend the night conquering Baby Peach (much to the delight of my husband)

-Go to church
-Take my mother and mother-in-law out to lunch for Mother's Day
-Take an afternoon nap (I must have died and gone to heaven!)
-Spend the night holding snugly babies at work

Can anyone imagine a more perfect weekend? I can't!


The Snyder's said...

sounds like you have a great weekend ahead. Congrats on graduation. maybe we will luck out and you will be our nurse for baby number two in nov. congrats again.

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to let you know that Baby Peach went DOWN last night in our household. On none other than Rainbow Road. Neener, Baby Peach.