Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Big "Getaway"

Details from our big "getaway" experience:

Yesterday: Drove to Walla Walla for a wedding. Correction - worked a 13-hour shift, came home at 7:00 AM, slept until 1:00 PM, and then drove to Walla Walla. Fortunately, my husband was kind enough to dump me off at the hotel before he had to be at the wedding rehearsal so I could get a few more (two) solid hours of sleep. Later we enjoyed a delightful rehearsal dinner (No Jim, I don't mean we "rehearsed" eating dinner!) at The Marc that included the most amazing huckleberry pie ever known to mankind. Much later, we ended up in the hotel room with (Surprise!) ESPN on. I must comment that, as Jim and I do not possess cable TV, anytime we are someplace with cable TV and access to the remote, you can bet good money that ESPN is on. Not that watching ESPN is the joy of my life... because it isn't. However, running on very small amounts of sleep, I was content to sack out while listening to the endless commentary of men "obsessed" with sports. I now know everything there is to know about the Final Four match-up, Opening Weekend for baseball, the latest pro basketball scores, and what is with the Blue Jay's "throw-away" jerseys? Is "throw-away" the right term? I'm pretty sure I was mostly asleep by that point.

Today: Woke up TOO late to hit the continental breakfast and still make it on time to the church. My stomach later cursed me loudly throughout the ceremony. I sat in the back pew with Reese, Shauna, and baby girl Alivia, which was immensely joyful as I spent the entire time watching baby girl sleep with her mouth wide-open. There is nothing cuter than a newborn baby sleeping with her mouth open! The ceremony lasted approximately one hour and included congregational singing of no less than four hymns, as well as a special song and scripture readings throughout the ceremony. Baby girl made it throughout the whole ordeal without a peep, which is more than I can say for my non-pregnant stomach. Afterwards, made awkward conversation with the little group of people we knew at the wedding, all of which has babies. Basically, this meant that they exchanged baby stories while I felt like the 5th wheel. There is not much one can say in a conversation about dirty diapers and getting up every two hours for feedings when a) the only place I change poopy diapers is at work, and b) I sleep a solid 6-8 hours a night. Oh, the blessings of not yet having babies! Later, we all hiked over to the reception and enjoyed a delightful brunch-style meal (which my stomach was immensely thankful for!) and good conversation with friends. After the reception, Jim and I debated whether or not to stay in Walla Walla or to scoot on home for the evening. Luckily for me, we decided to scoot along home, and I promptly fell asleep five minutes outside of Walla Walla.

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