Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 8

Tonight is looking to be a better night at work, which is why I am able to sit here and post this update before midnight! Today I received Jim's final email from his destination. He will begin his long journey home on Tuesday morning (our time). Pray his trip home will go smoothly and that he will return safely!

Here are some tidbits from Jim's final email:

"Everything here has been an extraordinary experience. The people group that we are trying to befriend is an amazing one; truly good people. I can't really go into detail, but I can tell you this: God is showing up in amazing ways here, He's working in the hearts of the people group here, some of them have already accepted the truth and are making an impact in their community, and there continues to be progress in the language development area! I have to tell you that when I said rural, that didn't really begin to depict where they're at as far as development. They are SO behind. It's actually pretty alarming. The worst part is that it's not the peoples' fault. The priority here is definitely not people development... it's about control. The people here have to do what they're told or they have to answer for it. The sad thing is that it's been that way for so long that everyone just goes with it. What you saw on TV IS NOT what it's really like. That was all propaganda, and it's scary to think that people like the ones we're trying to reach, are being held from advancement just because the people in charge of the country won't let them advance. In fact, if a family begins to gain too much land, or stock (pigs, cows, etc), houses, or anything of the sort, the powers that be will come in and redistribute everything. It's disgusting. My heart hurts for the people here. Such oppression should not be allowed to exist, but it does... and there's really nothing we can do about it!

What am I talking about? Well... let's put it this way, I was shocked to find that I had cell phone reception in the middle of nowhere! I'll tell you that much! But did we have clean running water to drink from or wash dishes in? Nope! Was electricity readily available? Kind of, but in a very limited manner! It seriously looked like they ran uber-long extension cords from village to village, and we only went about 100-150 kilometers. Cell phone signal available, but paved roads? Not for most of the trip! Any sort of indoor plumbing? Not a chance. Outdoor plumbing? A little, but it was only what the people in the villages could round up and make themselves. It's a sad, sad state of condition, and my heart breaks for a generally kind people who are oppressed by those who, literally, RULE them."

Once again, thank you all so much for your continued prayers and support. There is a definite reason why God has Jim in this place, and I know your prayers and support have aided Jim in being available to be used by God in this way.

I hope to soon report (in a few days!) that Jim has made it home safely. Until then, I will keep the updates coming.

Cries had: 3.0
Days to go: 3

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