Friday, August 20, 2010

Sleep training: one week later...

Ok, so technically it's been a week and one day since we started our new schedule.

And it. is. AWESOME!

Getting Halle on a consistent schedule was the best thing! Here are some current stats:

- Halle is now exclusively bottle-feeding and I am exclusively pumping. When I began doing this I realized I was not making enough milk for baby girl! Halle requires 5-7 ounces per feeding and I was barely making 3. Mommy is working on boosting her milk supply. In the meantime we've had to start supplementing with a little formula. Halle is a champ, and is taking both well! Bottle-feeding has allowed others (mainly Daddy) to be part of the feeding and bedtime routines. Which has given Mommy a lot of flexibility!

- Halle is sleeping a solid 6-hour stretch at night and only requires two small feedings to make it 12 hours in her crib.

- Halle goes down easily in her crib with minimal interventions from us. Everyday is different and we've had several occasions of difficulty getting her to fall asleep in her crib, but only after a disruption in her normal routine (i.e. moving Aunt Teea to college).

- Halle is a much happier baby on the schedule. She has set awake times where she is very playful and social and is only fussy when it's close to naptime! Jim and I are both enjoying getting to play and interact with her more.

- I am loving the new schedule. I feel like I have a lot more freedom because her feeding and sleeping times are predictable and set. We've been able to venture out of the house more. Jim and I have gotten more quality time together since the establishment of bedtime. And I have down-time during the day when she naps. All-in-all a BIG improvement! I even worked my first 12-hour shift since coming back from maternity leave. Instead of intense relief at being out of the house, I found that I actually missed my little girl. I also feel that Jim and I are more of a team now when it comes to parenting. We've been getting up together at night for her feeds and he is able to take care of her by himself without any difficulty. Rarely do I feel overwhelmed or alone since starting the new schedule, and my perspective on motherhood is improving. Things are looking up, my friends!

We are a happier baby, Mommy and family!

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The Reil Family said...

oh i am so happy things are getting better for you! would you like to share the name of the book that helped you? :)

a couple of years ago i took care of a baby boy that wasn't on a schedule and was extremely colicky, and it was the hardest thing! i can only imagine what it must have been like for you 24/7! i hope things continue to improve!