Monday, August 9, 2010

8 week stats...

At 8 weeks, we are...

- wearing 3-month sized outfits and 6-month sized jammies. Yes folks, we are a LONG baby! Halle's 2-month appointment is next week, so we'll get the "official" height and weight stats then.

- able to hold our head up steady for quite a while and able to stand on Mommy's lap with minimal support!

- also able to push off with our legs from a squatting to standing position with minimal support. We are a strong little girl!

- very alert and able to stay awake and socialize for longer periods of time.

- able to suck on ANYTHING. The inside of Mommy's arm has multiple bruises to prove that fact. We also recently discovered our fist. Mommy is looking forward to developing our ability to self-soothe!

- showering with Mommy. We gave up on the silly bathtub. Halle loves standing in the shower with Mommy but HATES her head under the sprayer.

- still hating the car, bouncer, swing... we pretty much want to be held all. the. time. Yay.

- eating like a champ. Every 2-3 hours still plus occasional supplementing during growth spurts.

- NOT sleeping like a champ. To all you parents out there whose children slept 6-8 hours at 8 weeks... I hate you. Halle ranges from sleeping between feeds (every 2-3 hours) to taking 15-20 minute cat-naps during her growth spurts. For days at a time. Yay.

- cooing, growling, smiling and trying to mimic Mommy and Daddy's every facial expression. Today I laughed at her and she tried so hard to mimic my laugh. It was a pretty good attempt even though no sound came out!

- the prettiest little girl ever! We love our wild red hair and ability to look good in any color.

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