Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday night: Date-night!

Last night we decided to do our date night in. We made grilled chicken, sauté veggies, rice and grilled pineapple! Yum! It's so nice to have time together after Halle goes to bed.

Speaking of, we had to pinch ourselves when a) she went right to sleep, no paci or fussing and b) slept 8 hours before her next feeding!

She's been starting to stretch out her sleep at night. Thursday night (while I was at work) she slept 7 hours before her next feeding.

I thought 12 hours by 12 weeks was ambitious... but can it be done? We'll find out!

Cute sidenote: Halle has discovered the little animals on the toy bar for her bouncer. She is mesmerized by them! Right now she is jabbering away at them... Jim and I call them her "little friends"!

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