Monday, August 9, 2010

8 weeks...

Halle is 8 weeks old today.


Everyone else I know who's had a baby this year had written these cheery posts about THEIR babies sleeping through the night by 8-9 weeks. And, between the 13 of us at work and multiple friends and acquaintances who were expecting this year, that's a lot of babies.

Halle decided to stop sleeping altogether at eight weeks. Always different... and difficult!

Let's just say that in the past 31 hours, we've slept three. Add to that the fact that Jim has been out of town two of the past three weeks and I've been doing the up-straight-for-28 hours business alone. This mama is tired!

I never slept well in my pregnancy beyond the first trimester (in which I felt like Rip Van Winkle... I pretty much sleep-walked from the couch to the toilet for 12 weeks) so I figure in all I have not slept for 35 weeks. I'm pretty much starting to lose my mind from lack of sleep.

We have this wood plaque above our bed and in the past two days it has crossed my mind that if it were to fall on my head it would knock me unconscious... and I felt relief at the thought of being unaware of the incessant crying. I've also planned out my "escape route", or what I'd do if I could get in my car and leave town for a day. Or more.

Like I said, I'm losing it.

Here's to hoping for a little sleep soon!

(and yes, I will post the obligatory picture and 8-week stats later.)


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Castle Diaries said...

Oh man do I feel your pain! I will be praying that you and your little miss will find rest stat!!
**When people mention that their wee ones sleep through the night, ask when they put them down. I'm always amazed at what people define as "through the night". ;)