Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We're getting ready!

Baby girl is 35.5 weeks today and we are getting ready for her
arrival! Jim did a test run of the car seat last weekend while I was
in Seattle, and I did a test run of the car seat adaptor in our
stroller this morning. And a test run of a particularly cute onesie!

We had an ultrasound yesterday as well as a maternity photoshoot. Baby
girl is currently weighing in at 6 lbs 5 oz with a head full of chubby
cheeks fully engaged into my pelvis (and when I say engaged, I mean
ENGAGED!) and plenty of fluid. Dr. H was able to get a pouty-face shot
with those chubby cheeks. We'll post those pictures along with our
maternity photoshoot soon!

On the contraction front, I can't seem to make it through a shift
without contracting 3-4 minutes apart by the end. The good news is her
lungs are mature, so if I do go into labor, Dr. H will go ahead and
deliver her. I'm hoping to make it a few more weeks (but I'm hoping to
avoid the contractions and pelvic pressure for those weeks!).

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