Saturday, May 1, 2010

Nursery in progress

Here are a few pictures of the nursery (so far). The first picture is
of the toybox my Dad finished for me and now refinished for his
granddaughter. I think he did an amazing job! Mom made the cushion for
the top; it goes perfectly with Baby girl's bedding set. I'm still working on a crib mattress and a bookcase
to complete the furniture, and I have some shelves and pictures to
hang (as well as the sign).

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures! I'll post some better ones
once the room is complete.

I had my first of three upcoming baby showers today. My wonderful
friend Jordan planned the event and it was so much fun! It was great
to see some old friends (and some new friends too!). Baby girl is
certainly blessed to have so many wonderful people in her life!

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The Colemans said...

Very cute! I should of had you design Sophia's room. It was great to see you today-I hope you got a lot of things you needed. She'll be here soon!!