Friday, May 7, 2010

Nursery complete!

We will be 34 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I'm happy to report the
nursery is finished! (Actually we are still waiting on a crib
mattress, but other than that the room is complete).

Baby girl's clothes and bedding are all washed and put away, ready to
be used when she gets here! Her bag is packed as well and ready to go
to the hospital.

Check out the adorable tutu hanging above the toybox. My wonderful
friend Jordan made it to match the purple flowered hat and booties I
received earlier. I'm excited to get pictures done of Baby girl in the
whole ensemble.

Tomorrow marks 6 weeks until her due date - and the realization is
starting to sink in that she is coming and SOON! Especially as many of
our pregnant friends are "popping". Last week my friend Larie broke
her water at 37.5 weeks pregnant (at my baby shower too!) and it
dawned on me that I'm only 3.5 weeks away from that point.

Instead of having a complete meltdown over the fact that our days as a
two-person family are numbered, I've kicked my nesting into overdrive
(thus the completed nursery, packed hospital bags, reorganized
bathroom and kitchen, etc.). I'm not sure which Jim would have


Jordan said...

yay!!! It's GORGEOUS!!!! i can't wait to see her in it...and an "H" huh??!?! I can't wait for baby "H" to get here :)

The Colemans said...

I noticed the "H" too! The room is beautiful!