Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tales of MORE babies...

Can I just say it?

Everyone I know is having a baby. Or two babies, for some of you!

I'm pretty sure it's an epidemic. All I can say is... I'm not drinking the water!

On that note, it is such a joy to share in these young lives. There are several babies in this world that I call myself "Auntie Daja" around, hoping maybe one day it will catch on! I delight in every miracle of life around me, knowing for each one that God willed their life to be in His perfect timing.

I was so incredibly blessed to be an integral part in bringing my friend Jordan's miracle babies into the world exactly one week ago. What an amazing privilege it is that my job is welcoming new life into this world! And what more blessing it is to do that for those I hold most dear! Jordan, you allowed me to share in your incredible journey to motherhood and I can not express how thrilled I was to be there for that all-important beginning. I look forward to being part of your babies' lives and your new life as a mother.

And I will never let your daughter forget that she pooped on me the first time we met. Of course, I wouldn't be happy either with the person who pulled me out of my comfy water bed!

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