Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Young and old? What are you trying to imply?

I have spent the better part of this morning sitting in a classroom listening to my classmates plot and plan for the cumulative result of our semester long research project... a poster and 11 minutes to ramble about it. The more I think about the time I have devoted to this project throughout the semester and the end result of ALL this work, the more depressed I become. So instead, I have chosen to surf the internet and nod occasionally at my classmates to indicate that I am paying attention to whatever they are stressing over... and by the grace of our Great God I stumbled over the "blogspots" (-Is that the right word? Help, I'm an amateur blogger!-) of many of you who are now reading this and I was impressed. Heck, I was inspired. I wanna be cool like the rest of y'all! So here I am... rambling (-Sorry Tami, I know that's your word!-) on and on about the pathetically small issues occurring in JimandI's life (-No Dad, not "Gemini"!-).

And now I feel that I must address the unconventional title of this blog since I am sure there will be whisperings/rumors/posts in the prayer bulletin to follow if I don't. And also because the other day at DOXA practice, I parked in the "New Parent Parking" spot at Quinault and Jeremy Eder asked me if I was trying to imply something... "Young and old" does not mean that I am pregnant, or adopting, or trying to steal a child anytime in the near future! I chose this title because a) as many of you know, I am "young" and Jim is "old"... and don't ever let him forget that! and b) if God allows, EVENTUALLY I would hope there would be "young" Browns running around (at least younger than me!). But at this time there are no future Browns to be had. I say this with caution, knowing that when I plan, God laughs. He always does. I'm pretty sure God takes great pleasure in wrecking my carefully thought-out plans (Hello, Jim? Really God?)!


JeepLee said...

You crack me up Jim. LOL. Should we expect daily entries? =)

musicnazi said...

Daja, I love you! You can "ramble" anytime you want. hee! I need to update my blog. I type more on my myspace one, but I need to type and put pictures in this blog too. I better get on that! :)
Have a great week, and congrats on having a job! :)