Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tales of a Pastor's - no, wait, sorry - Minister's Wife...

After six-point-five long months of unemployment, Jim was called into the ministry. I was (and am) so thrilled to see Jim get the chance to do what he was created by God to do... It is a dream come true for us. My desire for Jim was to see him in a job doing what he feels is God's will for his life, and I truly believe that leading worship and youth is that for him.

The part that I must admit I was hesitant about when we accepted the call from Quinault was my part - Pastor's *ahem, I mean* Minister's Wife. Me? A Minister's Wife? Really? It was (and still is!) difficult for me to remember that if God called Jim to be a minister, and me to be Jim's wife, than He must have called me to be a Minister's Wife.

Everyday is a new learning process for me. No one gives you a book detailing every part of being a minister's wife: "Pastor/Minister's Wives 101". Well, maybe that course is offered somewhere. Perhaps at my husband's alma mater :) I am still mulling over elementary decisions... What is my ministry role? What ministries am I supposed to be involved in? If my husband leads the youth group, do I need to be there? What time do I need to be at church? What time does church even start? Where am I supposed to sit during church? What am I supposed to wear at church? Fill in your own questions here...

Another aspect of being a Minister's Wife: Your husband's time is no longer yours alone, or even yours to share. This part I am sadly not adjusting well too. After six-point-five months of my husband ALWAYS being home ALL THE TIME and driving me CRAZY and I was NEVER able to have a moment alone at home, the new question is: When will my husband be home? Is he coming home? Will I ever see him again? That last questions passes through my head when I watch him walk out the door at 6:45 AM Sunday morning, knowing that he will not be home again until 9:30 PM or later that night. I had heard these complaints from various pastor's wives I know, but it's one of those things you think "That won't happen to ME"... just like my little 16-year-old patients who seriously believed having sex wouldn't cause THEM to become pregnant.

For all my complainings and grumblings, there are so many blessings involved with being a Minister's Wife. Quinault is an amazing church with truly wonderful people that I have the privilege of knowing and serving. The more I attend church and allow myself to open up to these people, the more God blesses me with their friendship and love. And even with the sadness of leaving our old church, I know that there will be new wonderful beginnings at this new church. I am looking forward to the "firsts" I get to have - "first" VBS (yes folks, I am using my musical/cheerleading spiritual gifts to lead music again!), "first" mission trip with the youth, etcetera, etcetera.

I will try to sit here and dwell on those blessings while I wait for my husband... again... Either that or I will watch another rerun of The Office. Win-win situation.

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