Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Organic" is a grocery term meaning "twice as expensive".

And "Gluten-free" means "three times as expensive".

This new diet is wrecking my grocery budget. I'm feeling very guilty after my adventures in the grocery store today. Darn that Dave Ramsey; he's taken all the pleasure of shopping away from me!

My new goal is to figure out how I can feed Jim and I organically and gluten-free AND stay within my grocery budget. Can it be done? We'll see!

I'm hoping it can be done. Otherwise Jim and I will be getting even skinnier.


Alyssa said...

there is a way! but it will not be easy! there isn't a trader joe's in the tri-cities, but there are some in the seattle area. if you made a trip there every few months and stocked up big time on freezable items and dry goods, you could supplement them with the fresh organic foods from regular grocery stores. everything they have is super affordable!

Bree Kogan said...

Daja: Just caught up on your happenings - WOW! Thoughts and prayers are with you both. I have Gluten-Free recipes!!! I would love to copy them off for you, they sound delish. Also, Trason & I are hoping to start our garden this summer. I'm sure we'll have MORE than enough to share, if you'd like some fresh veggies, etc.