Sunday, November 14, 2010

5 Months Old!

Miss Halle Arianne is 5 months old today! Here's what our little boobah is up to these days:

- Standing. Not rolling or crawling. That's for babies and I'm a big girl!

- Putting anything and everything on our mouth. We especially like to pull on Mommy and Daddy's hair while trying to eat their faces. We also really enjoy rubbing our hand over Daddy's facial hair!

- Giggling. We giggle all the time... especially at other people (babies and adults). We are extremely social and love to interact!

- Playing with our feet. If our thighs weren't so chunky we would have them in our mouth!

- Eating... sort-of. Rice cereal was an epic fail. Bananas were a little better. We still aren't sure about that whole spoon thing either!

- Drooling out our outfits... but still no teeth. Yet.

- Wearing 9-month-size clothes ad size-3 diapers. Yes, we are a big girl!

- Sleeping 12 solid hours a night. Be jealous.

- Talking up a storm. No real words but lots of sounds (and giggles!).

- Observing EVERYTHING! Daddy and Mommy put up the Christmas tree today and I'm fascinated! I also love o check out lights, fans, fire, and Daddy during worship.

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