Thursday, October 14, 2010

4 Months Old!

Hi! My name is Halle and I'm 4 months old today! Here's what I do at 4 months:

- I roll from my tummy to my back and ALMOST from my back to my tummy.

- I LOVE to stand and will bounce from side-to-side (just like I do in my favorite toy - the jumperoo!).

- I eat a solid 8 ounces at every feeding. And I stare at Mommy and Daddy's food intently.

- I sleep 12 hours at night (unless I'm growing or didn't get good naps the day before!). When I wake up, I will smile A LOT at Mommy and Daddy. I love waking up to their faces!

- I am a drool-monster and put everything in my mouth! So far I find the taste of my teething toys lacking (and usually make the funniest face after chewing on one).

- I'm SO over those Baby Einstein videos. Now I enjoy watching the animals on Planet Earth and NFL with Daddy (I love staring at the bright colors and sounds those football games have!).

- I will only tolerate car rides if Mommy has "The Jesus Storybook Bible" on audio cd playing. It's my favorite!

- I love when Mommy and Daddy teach me about Jesus! I get to listen to Pastor Mark teach about Jesus with Mommy everyday. I don't yet sit still enough to read Bible stories but I certainly get excited when Mommy and Daddy talk about Jesus!

- I love watching Daddy worship every Sunday morning and I will bounce from side-to-side, shake my arms, and jabber excitedly the whole time. However, when Pastor Keith starts to talk I've been getting fussy and Mommy and I have spent the past few Sundays in the nursery.

- My favorite time of day is bedtime. I go from tired and fussy to happy and excited as soon as Mommy pulls my jammies out! I love to tell Mommy and Daddy about my day on the changing pad, then I snuggle in to feed while Mommy and Daddy pray and sing over me.

- I'm such a big girl! I celebrated my 4-month birthday with a new wardrobe... 6-month-sized clothes, 9-month-sized jammies, and size 3 diapers!

- Speaking of diapers, my favorite place to *ahem* do my business is my bouncer. Mommy and Daddy call it the "laxa-bouncer"!

- My favorite toys are my kitty and Sophie the giraffe. I love chewing on my kitty and can ALMOST get the paci attached into my mouth. When Mommy makes Sophie the giraffe squeak my whole face lights up!

- My favorite activity is watching Daddy when he makes silly sounds! I get very excited and giggle every time he does! I love my Daddy!

- When I don't feel very good there is nothing better than snuggling with my Mommy. I love to bury my face into her shoulder!

- Mommy and Daddy still call me "Littles" but they also have new nicknames for me! Daddy's is "Little bug" and Mommy's is "Boo-bah".

- I love posing for the camera. Every time one comes out I will look straight at it!

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