Monday, July 12, 2010

4 weeks old!

Halle is four weeks old today! I can hardly believe it's already been almost a month since she was born. She is growing so fast! At four weeks we are...

- Eating 4-6 ounces every three hours. Halle nurses and takes the bottle very well! I've been fortunate that Halle has not required any supplementing beyond my breastmilk.

- Still wearing newborn-size outfits and diapers, but has moved up to 0-3 month jammies. Halle is too long for her newborn-size jammies!

- Able to push ourselves up off our tummy and hold our head up for several minutes. I recently put Halle is her Bumbo (an infant seat) to see how she would do. She sat and held her head up by herself for 10 minutes! Halle loves to be upright (whether held or sitting) so she can look around.

- Making eye contact. When I come near Halle and talk to her, she turns her head, makes eye contact with me, and her eyes widen. Halle knows her Mommy! Halle also knows her Daddy's voice. I keep Halle with me during our church services, and when Jim starts to sing, Halle will look for him. His voice is also very soothing for her!

- Asserting our independence (already!). Halle has started to develop the nasty habit of fighting sleep. Halle will wear herself out trying to stay awake (especially during daylight and after her "bedtime" feeding at night). I'm not sure if it really is funny or I'm just terribly sleep-deprived, but watching her fight nodding-off can been hilarious at times!

- Still loving motion... of any kind. Halle loves car rides, the stroller, the swing and bouncer (but only on her terms!), and being walked around. She is quite the snuggle-bug as well and the only way I can get her to go down these days is on my chest. Halle also still loves to be all stretched out. If I try to wrap her arms up in her blanket, she will fuss until they are free.

- Now enjoying our bath slightly more. I tried her bath tub again and she is tolerating it... for now. Her hair still has quite a bit of red in it and has thickened since birth. It has started to stick up on top and looks very cute with a headband.

Now I will leave you with pictures of Halle from her very first bath four weeks ago... proof that at one time she did enjoy it!

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