Thursday, June 10, 2010

An anniversary and single digits...

Today marks the fifth anniversary of our first date and the fourth anniversary of Jim proposing. The above picture is us on this day last year... celebrating on a dinner cruise in Hawaii. Who would have guessed that exactly one year later we would be getting ready to welcome our firstborn into the world!

Today also marks the day that the baby widgit on our blog has graduated to single digits. We are down to less than 10 days until our due date! This week I am dilated to 3/60%/-2 (which means 3 cm, softening cervix, and a baby well-engaged into my pelvis). Every time Dr. H checks me we have progressed, and he always gives me the option to go in and "get the job done" (so to speak) but I have yet to be ready to do so. Part of me is MORE than ready to have this baby (especially when my back/pelvis/legs/whole body aches or I puke AGAIN in the shower or I finally get comfortable in bed only to have to pee or her foot gets lodged up under my rib and causes a horrible burning pain or I have to listen to my patients at work whine about their ailments - try all of that plus working a 12-hour shift!) but the other part of me isn't ready to give up our childless existence. To that end, Jim and I have been spending every possible day we can together enjoying the last few weeks of being "just us" - getting out of the house, going out to dinner, watching movies, going on trips, etc. We are more than excited to meet our little girl, but we will certainly miss this era of our marriage!

Speaking of work, tomorrow is my last scheduled day. I've been able to continue working full-time to this point and if Baby girl doesn't make her appearance before next week I'll have to continue picking up shifts. I have a very small amount of paid maternity leave that I am hoping to save for when Baby girl is here, but continuing to work 12-hour rotating shifts at the hospital is not fun when you are nine-months pregnant (especially when the majority of your patients are due AFTER you are!)

Here's to five wonderful years of being "just the two of us"... and to hoping we get to meet our beautiful little girl soon!

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