Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nursery Updates

It's official: Baby girl has nicer furniture than we do. And a nicer

In fact, Jim and I decided she has the nicest furniture in the house.

I went out this week to check pricing at a few local baby stores and
came across a crib and dresser set made by very well-rated furniture
company on sale. The set was nice, and deeply discounted off of online
prices, but what really caught my attention was the stroller.

This store had the exact Baby Jogger stroller model and color Jim and
I wanted discounted as well. Why? Because it was the 2009 model.
The only difference between this model and the 2010 model? Foam-
filled tires and different color options. For the price difference
between the two models, we could have the tires filled with foam at a
local bike shop many times over.

I had Jim come check out my "find" and left to go to work. That night
I came home to find the crib, dresser, and stroller in the nursury! My
wonderful husband managed to negotiate a deal with the store for all
three items for even less money.

I have to admit I am very excited about this. At 29.5 weeks of
pregnancy, my desire to nest has started to threaten my (and Jim's)
sanity. And folding the same little stack of clothes in an empty room
is only fun the first thousand times. I am looking forward to actually
getting to put those clothes away!

Right now Baby girl's room is in shambles. The crib, dresser, and
rocker are sitting amongst piles of random baby "stuff" and half-
finished projects. I am looking forward to posting a picture of the
final product!

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