Monday, February 15, 2010

Where, oh where, has my belly button gone?

Where, oh where, could it be?

For the record:

18 weeks - belly button went completely flat
22 weeks - belly button went from an "innie" to an "outie"

Just another subtle reminder that my body will never again be the same.

In other news, Baby Girl is the size of a papaya this week (1.2 lbs, 8 inches long). She has taken to using her body parts to push as hard as possible on my uterine wall and the structures immediately attached (such as my stretching ligaments and almost-continuously-full bladder). These body parts manage to visibly bulge their way out of my abdomen and I find myself either a) trying to hold her up off my spasming ligaments/bladder or b) poking her little butt/head until she pulls it back in and the rock-hard bulge in my side disappears.

Baby Girl also moves constantly. Jim can almost always feel her move and kick when he touches my abdomen. She dances and kicks and moves regardless of the time of day or the level of activity I am doing. This makes me think she might be a mover and a shaker, and not so much the calm, cuddly baby I am hoping for.

22 weeks also marks the official use of the term "cranky pregnant one" to describe me at work. I have been hard at work towards this title for the past 16 weeks, and finally succeeded today when my coworkers simultaneously voted to keep the students/nice patients/doctors we actually like away from me so I don't eat them.

Have I mentioned how fun pregnancy is?


Jordan said...

yeah, your belly button has been gone for awhile :) we need a new picture! your public DEMANDS a picture :) but we love you very much and are very sorry for your poor navel ;)

jimbrown1124 said...

I love you!

Castle Diaries said...

My wiggliest baby ended up being my cuddliest baby ever! She is still wiggly (at 7 yrs), but loves to snuggle. I hope that's something to hang onto as yours cuts the rug 24/7!! :)