Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Baby Girl Brown!

Jim and I had our 19-week ultrasound yesterday and are happy to report that a) our baby is developing perfectly and b) our baby is a girl!

Here's a sampling of the nine fabulous ultrasound pictures Dr. H was able to capture for us. I have chosen to *not* post the picture verifying she is a girl (for the sake of her modesty), but we can assure you she is most definitely a girl.

What have we learned about our daughter from these pictures? 1) she is very flexible, 2) she is perfect from her head down to her toes, and 3) she did not particularly enjoy having her picture taken (as evidenced by the fourth picture down where she hides her face in protest). Enjoy!

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Castle Diaries said...

Congratulations!! We love girls!! So glad to hear that everything with your sweet daughter is going well.