Monday, November 30, 2009

11 weeks... and starting to feel human again!

Maybe all it took was threatening my body with a Zofran pump. Or maybe it's the fact that I'm at 11 weeks now. Or maybe God decided to stop the torture. Either way, I am feeling more functional and human-like than I have this pregnancy!

Do I still experience nausea? Yes. Do I still throw up? Of course. Do smells and sights and sounds and movements still cause me to gag? Definitely. The difference now is it's on a more controllable schedule AND the extreme fatigue is subsiding. Last week I added Reglan on top of my Zofran/Phenergan schedule and am finding the nausea and vomiting can be (almost) controlled with rest, fluids and frequent eating. Here's to no more days of being unable to lift my head without throwing up!

I am so thankful to be feeling more functional, especially since I just started week 2 of labor training at work. I am LOVING labor training and feeling stretched and challenged again at work, but working in a more high-stress, fast-pace role isn't thrilling my baby has much as it's thrilling me. Thank God for the wonderful women I work with! They continue to anticipate my needs and notice when I need a break, even if I haven't figured it out yet.

11 weeks down... 29 to go.

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