Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A little about Jim...

I have finally discovered the way to my husband's heart - ice cream.

As you may have guessed from my previous posts, I have been working nights a lot these past few weeks. Unfortunately this means Jim is a virtual bachelor, as all I do is come home, go straight to bed, get up and go straight back to work. How does he ever survive without his wife to cook, clean, and spend time with him?

He goes to Sonic for ice cream.

Unfortunately, he discovered this past week that a) I must be working a lot and b) he goes to Sonic maybe a little too often when they didn't charge him for his ice cream treat.

Why? Because the workers noticed he had been to Sonic every night for the past five nights and felt sorry for him.

The lessons I learned from this story are a) I need to stock up the fridge with leftovers before I go back to work and b) I need an ice cream maker. Preferably the Kitchen Aid ice cream maker attachment for my mixer, hint hint. Maybe then my poor husband wouldn't have to depend on Sonic to survive those long, lonely nights without me.

Aren't you glad it only took me two years of marriage to figure out the way to my husband's heart?

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Jordan said...

oh, that is too funny :) Miss you friend, maybe when you have a minute we can get together! And sometime you can bring Shauna and Alivia back over, we have carpet downstairs now! Yay!